About Us

Wellness-pictureDeFalco Family Chiropractic is dedicated to achieving excellence in the Chiropractic field, so we may provide the best neuromuscular and skeletal care and service to our patients. We use our clinical expertise to provide personalized care dependent on your health care goals. We treat the whole person, taking into consideration all aspects of health and function. Through a comprehensive consultation and evaluation we determine a complete care plan to address all of your needs. Our goal is not to simply alleviate pain, but to restore proper function and stability to the injured areas and to address nutritional needs and exercise deficits.

Our mission is to become an integral part of the community by providing high quality care with a variety of techniques to achieve your health care goals.  By treating a number of conditions with a variety of the latest treatment techniques and educating the public through community outreach programs, we aim to improve the health and wellness of the community.