Vascular Therapy (Bemer Technology)

DeFalco Family Chiropractic in Auburn, Massachusetts is one of the few offices in the area to add Vascular Therapy to promote overall patient well-being. Vascular Therapy applied through Bemer technology improves micro-circulation, (blood flow in the tiniest vessels (known as capillaries) , oxygenation of the blood, T-Cell release (immune system), increases the partial oxygen pressure in the body and improves the overall ability of the body to utilize the oxygen where it’s needed through electro-magnetic pulses. The body is therefore enabled to stimulate its own natural regulating mechanisms.

Increased circulation aids in the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to cells, allowing them to stay healthy and repair damage.  Persons suffering from sports-related injuries, Osteoporosis, arthritis, Fibromyaligia, Multiple Sclerosis, back and joint discomfort, nerve pain,  insomnia, migraines, stress, and depression can see an improvement to their comprehensive health and quality of life.

If you would like to learn more about vascular therapy, please contact DeFalco Family Chiropractic.  Our chiropractic office is more than happy to educate you on vascular therapy, or any other type of chiropractic treatment.  Please contact us DeFalco Family Chiropractic with your chiropractic questions; we look forward to hearing from you and helping you feel better with the right chiropractic therapy.