The Importance of Stretching for Your Back

Stretching is an instinct that we find ourselves naturally doing following any period of physical inactivity such as sitting at a desk, prolonged car rides or when we first awaken in the morning. We all have this innate urge to

stretch our spines and put them in motion. This instinct of ours promotes the health of our spinal columns and nervous systems. Our spines are meant for movement and without proper care and attention, subluxations (misaligned segments of the spinal column) kept in place by muscle tension often occur.

Stretching and an active lifestyle are generally recommended to help reduce back pain as well as to help speed recovery following an injury. Improving flexibility through stretching is also an excellent way to avoid future injuries.

Consult with your doctor of chiropractic before starting any new stretching or exercise program, especially if you are experiencing any low-back pain. Depending on your overall health, your daily activities and your level of pain, your chiropractor will help you start slowly and increase the repetitions as you feel stronger.

Doctors of chiropractic are trained and licensed to develop an individualized exercise program for you as well as provide you with instruction on proper stretching technique.