Steps to Better Your Posture

For those of you who work at a desk every day, you know the pain that can come from sitting for long periods of time. Better Your Posture, DeFalco Family Chiropractic, Auburn, MA It can cause a strain on your neck and back, and therefore your posture. Posture is very important, and a key part of our health. Sitting at the computer for seven to eight hours per day does not help. It can be easy to lose yourself in your work and forget about how you are sitting, especially if you are in the same position day after day. However, there are ways to better your posture a little bit every day. These tips will surely help your back to feel better, and may even increase your work productivity. When you slouch over your desk all day, it negatively affects your thoughts and possibly your ability to do your job correctly.

How to Sit

First, when you are seated at your desk, make sure your head is aligned with the computer screen. This may mean adjusting your seat higher or lower so that you are not looking up or down at the screen. Your ideal chair should also have arm rests, where you can rest your elbows while you are typing away at your keyboard. This chair should also distribute your weight evenly, and create support for your back. Next, stretch your shoulders out so that your chest is comfortable and not leaning forward. To do this, avoid slouching. It can be very easy to forget how your posture leans forward towards your computer all day, but slouching affects circulation, making you feel tired more easily. Good posture could possibly give you the energy to get through the work day. Surprisingly, keeping wrists flat over the keyboard helps posture and can also help any wrist pain you may feel. Finally, keep your feet flat on the ground. Crossing your legs misaligns your hips and spine, making you more uncomfortable.

Tips for Outside of Work

If you are an active person, chances are that your back pain is not related to physical activity, since physical activity helps to improve posture. If it is related to physical activity, it is because you may be walking/running incorrectly. Make sure to lean slightly forward and keep your head up while running, and keep your stomach and buttocks in line with the rest of your body while walking.

People who are not active tend to have the worst posture. Getting out and exercising is the best way to prevent bad posture.

However, this is not the only cause. Simple genetics can be a factor. Other factors are unsupportive shoes, stress, an unsupportive mattress, low self-esteem, and chairs that are too high or low. Some of these are easy fixes: getting inserts for your shoes (or getting new, supportive shoes), purchasing a supportive mattress, or adjusting the height of your chair. Other causes are not so easy to fix. Stress and low self-esteem most likely stem from other factors in your life. Activities like yoga can help battle stress, and could even help to raise self-esteem. After all of this, if your bad posture is negatively affecting your life, and you need a quick fix, your best bet is to head to a chiropractor, who can help you sort out anything else that might be bothering you, as well as make you feel better instantly.

DeFalco Family Chiropractic in Auburn, MA has the trained staff to make you feel relaxed and comfortable in our stress-free environment. Come visit our location on Saint Mark Street and see what a difference these tips and a great chiropractor can make in your life.

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