Chiropractic, a Drugless Approach

Many of us suffer with pain each day and do not think twice about taking an over the counter medication to give some temporary relief.  Western medicine has conditioned us to look for

a magic pill to make our illness disappear. Do the pills fix a problem or hide the symptoms?

We have been trained through the medical model and through creative advertising to look to drugs as an answer. This is not to say that medications do not have their place. Many are necessary and helpful when properly utilized, but too many medications are looked at as cures not as a temporary solution to get you through the day.

Research has shown that medications even over the counter medication can cause serious side effect with prolonged use. Aspirin has been known to cause GI complaints and many prescriptions drugs can be addictive.

Chiropractic philosophy is that the body is a resilient self healing and self regulating mechanism that, when functioning appropriately and given the proper nutrition, will heal itself. Chiropractors work with the spine to ensure proper posture, reducing stress on joints and muscles, and eliminating pressure on nerves so the body’s systems work properly. This is achieved through spinal adjustments, education on diet, exercise and ergonomic evaluations and stress reduction.

So instead of hiding a symptom we are correcting the problem, eliminating your dependence on medications.