Driving Advice & Proper Driving Posture

In order to reduce and prevent back pain, you should practice proper driving posture while in the car.  There are certain, simple driving tips that you can use to limit your back pain.  DeFalco Family Chiropractic offers the

following driving advice so you can practice proper driving posture:

  • Have your car seat adjusted forward enough so your knees are slightly higher then your hips to reduce strain on low back.
  • Keep the seat back in a  minimally reclined position so you can comfortably grip the steering wheel with both hands.
  • If your car has a lumbar support option, use it.  If not use a lumbar pillow or a rolled up towel placed in the small of your back to add support.
  • Take the wallet of of your back pocket while driving.  It will cause you to sit unevenly and lead to muscle imbalance and strain.
  • While getting into the car, enter backwards sitting down then swinging your legs into the vehicle.
  • Exit the car the same way.  Open the door wide. Swing your legs out first then use your arms to push and transfer weight to the legs and stand up.
  • If on a long drive pull over periodically to walk around and stretch your neck and back.  Shake your limbs to avoid stiffening up.
  • Wear a seat belt. Make sure children have proper DOT approved restraints.

If you would like to learn more about proper driving, sitting, standing or sleeping posture, please give us a call at DeFalco Family Chiropractic.  We would love to educate you on proper driving posture and give you advice so you can limit your back pain.   We believe in not just living a pain-free life, but living a life full of joy and total wellness.