FAQ’s About Greens First Products

The Greens First mission is to improve health and change people’s lives for the better!  Greens First is dedicated to effective, whole food nutritional products that empower people to take control of their health.  Greens First products help to alkalize your body’s pH levels with the fruits and vegetables contained in the formulas, providing powerful ORAC ratings, phytonutrients, antioxidant benefits and more!   Greens First products balance, support and nourish your whole body with all-natural health building ingredients

The following is a list of questions, answers and facts about Green First Products from the Greens First blog.  Dr. DeFalco highly reccomends Greens First Products as a way to stay healthy!

FAQ’s About Greens First Products

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Q: Does the manufacturer of Greens First products have a “Good Practice Manufacturing” Plant?

A. Absolutely. We are rated as an ISO 9000 which is Certified Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Quality.

Greens First


Q: Why should I use Greens First?

A: According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, eating fruits & vegetables, particularly dark green leafy vegetables, appears to have a protective effect against coronary heart disease. Also, research has shown, that those who eat diets high in fruits & vegetables, were shown to lower rates of angina, arthritis, asthma, Bronchitis, cirrhosis, gallstones, heart attack, kidney stones & peptic ulcers. The National Institute of Health recommends 7-13 servings of fruits & brightly colored vegetables a day. If you find it difficult to eat that many servings on a daily basis, then you can now enjoy the phytonutrient and antioxidant benefits of a diet rich in fruits and veggies by taking Greens First every morning within 30 minutes of arising to start your day with the nutrition that you need!

Q: What is the ORAC value of Greens First? A: The ORAC is the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. The antioxidant value determined via an independent analysis. Each scoop mixed with 6 to 8 ounces of water is proven to have the antioxidant power of 15 + servings of fruit & vegetables.

Q: How many calories in Greens First? A: 40 calories

Q: How many carbohydrates per serving of Greens First? A: Less than 6 grams

Q: How many grams of product in a scoop of Greens First? A: 9.4 gram scoop.

Q: How many grams of protein? A. 2 grams protein

Q: Can you tell me how much vitamins are in Greens First? A: Vitamins and minerals are naturally occurring within the organic fruit, vegetable & super food blend. One cannot quantify the amount of every vitamin in the product because it is in a natural state and every batch varies with the ripeness of the food, etc. Only synthetic vitamins can be quantified. supplementing along with taking our product. You are getting 49 different super foods and the phytonutrient and antioxidant equivalent of 15+ servings of organic fruits and vegetables.

Q. Does Greens First have Vitamin K in it? A. No detectable levels of Vitamin K.

Q: Are the probiotics in Greens First non-dairy? A: Yes, the probiotics are vegan or non-dairy.

Q: Is Non GMO Soy Lecithin a health concern with all the negative press about soy? A: No. Non GMO Soy Lecithin is a phospholipid which means it is a fat not a protein. Soy protein is an amino acid that is controversial because it contains estrogenic properties and mimics estrogen. Soy Lecithin, even though it comes from soy, is lipid and therefore does not have an estrogenic effect that may cause health concerns.

Q: Can pregnant women take Greens First?

A: We always recommend that women takes the can of Greens First or a product flyer to their OBGYN to approve consumption. Most OBGYN’s don’t have any problems with our products. We have had reports from doctors stating some of their patients have experienced a decrease in morning sickness symptoms and overall energy because they are getting vital nutrients that they need.

Q: What is the difference between Probiotics and Prebiotics? (Greens First has Probiotics and Boost has Prebiotics.)

A. Probiotics: The “Good” Bacteria

The human body requires beneficial bacteria to assist with an array of functions, from digestion to support of the immune system. Dietary supplements or foods that contain these beneficial enzyme-producing bacteria can be described as “probiotic.” The World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations formally define probiotics as “live microorganisms, which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.”

B. Prebiotics: Helping the Good Bacteria

Prebiotics are derived from insoluble fiber and Fructooligosaccharides (the sugars often found in fruits and honey); they are carbohydrates that selectively stimulate growth and/or activity upon contact with intestinal micro flora. For instance, they are said to assist in the absorption of calcium and the development of good bacteria. The definition of prebiotics is very similar to that of dietary fiber, except for the issue of selectivity.

Q: Is Greens First gluten free?

A: There is a very small trace of gluten. We have many people taking Greens First that are completely gluten intolerant and the reports are very positive. They have no reaction whatsoever. Because everyone is different, we suggest that you start with a small amount of Greens First initially, and then work up to a full scoop. If you have any sensitivity to the product, we have GREEN FIRST BERRY, which is completely Gluten Free.

Q: Is the licorice root harmful for blood pressure patients? A: We have not had any negative reports in this area. But we always recommend that you take the can of Greens First or a product flyer to your Cardiologist for review.

Q. Is Greens First Certified Organic?

A. All fruit & vegetables that can be purchased as certified organic, we have them in Greens First. As you can see from our Supplement Facts on the flyer and/or our website, Certified Organic is next to the appropriate ingredient. We endeavor to make all the ingredients certified organic that we can. However, some ingredients, like lecithin, probiotics, green tea polyphenols, OPC and standardized herbs, cannot be purchased as certified organic. Although almost all the ingredients in the OxiSure blend are organic, the freeze dried green tea polyphenols and grape seed extract are not classified as organic. Therefore we cannot list the Oxisure as organic because of the abundance of various nutrients.

Now keep in mind that the lecithin is non-GMO and 20% phoscholine, the probiotics are dairy free, the green tea is decaffeinated (water process), the herbs standardized, and the product tested for ORAC, heavy metals and microbial contaminations. Please also know that all the ingredients are grown herbicide and fungicide free.

Q: Please comment on the PH when GF is mixed with water. A: Briefly, by PH paper, oranges are acid, mostly from the organic acid called citric acid. Organic acids are easily neutralized by breathing, leaving behind alkaline ash minerals of mostly potassium and magnesium. Though it is much more complicated, GF may test slightly acid by PH paper if you put the paper in the drink mix, but understand that in the body it is converted to a highly alkalizing compound because it is like eating fruits, vegetables and superfoods directly. The body digests these nutrients and it results in an alkalizing effect on the body.

Q: How can I cut the sweetness of the GF? A: A teaspoon or tablespoon of lemon and/or lime squeezed into the GF will cut the sweetness and contribute to the alkalizing affect.

Q: How is Greens First made?

A. The whole foods are juiced and blended to a liquid then air dried at a low temp to ensure the preservation of all the nutrients and live active enzymes.

Q: What is sprouted Barley Malt?

A: Barley is a grain that is used for sweetening.

Q: What are the Natural Flavorings? A. Natural leaf spearmint and cinnamon

Q: I pulled out a magnet and noticed particles that accumulate together. Is this the iron in the GF?”

A. There is iron naturally occurring in the fruits, vegetables and super foods. As far as the “static charge”, that is normal, especially during dry times of the year. Our product is whole food with live enzymes intact. When the product is juiced and dried, most of the moisture is taken out. Because there is very little moisture in the particles, when they rub together, they build up static. There is no changed in nutritive value of the product and no adverse effect. This happens with any high grade, raw whole food product.

Q. What is the digestibility of Greens First, Berry and Boost? A. Our products have a superior delivery system because they are in a powdered form. Unlike a tablet that has fillers and other excipients to make the ingredients hold together, our products are easily absorbed in the liquid form and are typically digested within 15 minutes or less.

Also, Greens First has an Enzyme Blend of Bromelain Extract, Papain, Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase and Lactase including Probiotics for digestion.

Dream Protein also has FOS which assists in promoting favorable bacteria in the digestive tract.

Dream Protein


Q: What does hormone free mean?

A: Our proprietary Hormone Free Ultra-Low Temp Whey protein Isolate is manufactured with hormone free whey protein from cows that are “meadow fed” & not given rBGH or BST hormones.

Q: What are rBGH or BST hormones?

A: This means the cows are not given any antibiotics or artificial hormones that would alter or affect the milk they produce.

Q: How pure is Dream Protein?

A: Dream Protein is the most pure & biologically active form of whey protein

available. It has a high P.E.R. Value (Protein Efficiency Ratio) of 3.2 which makes it easier to absorb more protein directly into the digestive system. Most whey proteins out in the market place have a lower P.E.R. Value which makes it more difficult to be absorbed making them inferior to Dream Protein.

Q: What process is used to produce Dream Protein? A: Dream Protein is made with an Ultra-Low Temp Process which is beneficial since the protein is not Denatured (damaged) from an extensive heat treatment. It is a micro filtration process that used.

This means that you’ll receive all the essential & non-essential amino acids plus the full complement of whey proteins, including the bioactive Immunoglobulin (lgG), lactoferrin (LF) & glycomacropeptides (GMP). (Immunoglobulins are antibodies that function as essential components of your immune response) Our Dream Protein contains 3% immunoglobulin levels. Most whey proteins out in the market place use processing technologies of whey that cause the proteins to be so denatured that the finished product yields only a fraction of the biologically active proteins.

Q: Is our whey protein a by-product of cheese making? A: No. Dream Protein is a primary product not a by-product.

Q: What are Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)?

A: FOS is a soluble fiber that has been shown to encourage growth of favorable bacteria which help to strengthen the immune system, assist in the digestion of food & amino acids (protein), as well as, to help to promote regularity.

Q: What is the source of the fiber for the FOS?

A: The source for the fiber is a sugar that isn’t absorbed by the body or digested by the body. It won’t elevate insulin. This fiber feeds the friendly flora in our intestines helping us to absorb more of the vitamins from the food we eat & also help with digestion.

Q: What are the Natural Flavorings?

They are pure, natural vanilla and natural cocoa.

Q: One scoop equals how many grams of protein?

A: 20 grams

Q: How many calories in one scoop of Dream Protein with water?

A: 90 calories

Q: What is the sugar content?

A: Less than 1 gram of naturally occurring sugar. There is no sugar added.

Q: What is Stevia?

A: It is a calorie-free herb that does not raise the insulin level. This herb is a small wild shrub with green leaves native to Paraguay, Brazil, Japan & China. The glycosides in the leaves have a sweet taste, 30 times sweeter than sugar without the harmful effects.

Q: What are the health benefits of Stevia?

A: One study shows that it helps to regulate blood sugar, another shows that it tends to lower elevated blood pressure plus it does not affect normal blood pressure.

Q: What is Xanthum Gum?

A: Xanthum Gum is a polysaccharide stabilizer, thickener & emulsifier. These properties make it a preferred stabilizer & thickener in foods.

Q: Can pregnant women take Dream Protein?

A: We have not had any negative reports, but we always recommend that the woman takes the can of Dream Protein or a product flyer to her OBGYN to approve consumption. Most OBGYN’s don’t have any problems with any of our Greens First products because they are pure and natural.

Q: Is Dream Protein gluten free?

A: Yes

Q: Is Dream Protein recommended for those people who are lactose intolerant?

A: If a person has been medically diagnosed with lactose intolerance, they will vomit or have diarrhea immediately after consumption. It is always best to start out by trying a small test sample. There is a small percentage of the general public that cannot use whey protein. Most people who are dairy sensitive, can still consume Dream Protein & might benefit from a digestive enzyme for stomach disturbances.Again, test first. We also have another product called Greens First Boost which has vegan/vegetarian protein of brown rice and vegetable pea protein. Read the details in the product information section.

Q: If I can’t consume Dream Protein, what are my alternatives? A: Some doctors recommend Soy Protein, however, please do the research on Soy. Studies have shown there might be dangers in using Soy Protein.

Q: Does Dream Protein help with menopause?

A. We know that Dream Protein can be beneficial for everybody. .Always advise taking the flyer or can to your physician to approve with any medical condition.

Q: What % of the product is actually protein blend?

A. To determine that ratio, you take the scoop size of 24 grams divided into the 20 grams of Dream Protein equals 83%. This is an extremely high percentage that isn’t found in retail nutrition stores whey products. Usually you need to use several scoops per serving & the % of protein will never be that high.

Q: What % of the actual protein blend is undenatured?

A: 100% of the actual protein blend is undenatured or undamaged. You have the full spectrum of nutrients and amino acids in Dream Protein and GREAT TASTE too!

Complete Essentials Omega 3


Q: Why do we need essential fatty acids? A: Because the body cannot manufacture essential fatty acids on its own, it is imperative that they are ingested either through food or dietary supplements. Omega- 3 First is the perfect formula for daily supplementation.

Q: What is the source of the oils? A: The oil in Omega-3 First is derived from pelagic fish which are harvested from the cold, pristine waters of Norway.

Q: Are the oils pure?

A: Yes, Omega-3 First undergoes an exclusive purification process that removes mercury, heavy metals, environmental pollutants, pesticides and oxidative impurities. Omega-3 First has the PureMax seal for Concentrated Purity.

Q: What is Concentrated Purity and why is it so important? A: While removing impurities, we selectively concentrate EPA/DHA to provide the highest potency source of biologically active omega-3 lipids in your diet on a daily basis.

Q: Why is this formula beneficial? A: Essential fatty acids have been reported to help with cardiovascular health, joint health, skin health & women’s health. Research also reports that essential fattyacids are beneficial for brain health, inflammatory disorders, gastrointestinal health and may help to boost the immune system.

Q: Are Complete Essentials gluten free?

A: Yes

Q: What are the milligrams for Omega-3 First

A: This convenient soft gel provides 850 mg of pharmaceutical-grad, pure Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Edited by Courtney Hayes-Jurcheck, Greens First